Giggle Not, I Dare Thee


11/24/2014 by syrbal-labrys

My week is not going as planned.  We ARE sick, lame, and lazy here.  The Manchild is sick because some idiot went to the gym with strep throat and breathed all over employees.  The Minotaur cut the hell out of himself yesterday ‘laming’ his hand; and me?  Well, yesterday’s planned turkey feast for a wee pagan feast for Wayland’s Day was delayed till tonight because while I worked outside I was felled by chest pain.

Relax, it wasn’t a heart attack — my pulse and BP were rock steady at 68 beats and 117/70.  I apparently jerked a muscle on my breastbone….it hurt very consistently with face-paling intensity in one place 2″ left of center and 4″ below my collarbone.  Early bed and muscle relaxants seem to have relaxed it; it is slightly swollen but not painful this morning.

So what has this to do with giggling, all this kwetching? Well, let’s start the week with some funny.  Go look and I dare you to try not busting out in giggles!


2 thoughts on “Giggle Not, I Dare Thee

  1. Anti Kate says:

    Does snorting count as giggling?

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