Friday – Come Five O’ Clock

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11/21/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1proud tbI read late into the night, all the GOP frothing over Obama’s immigration action.  My, my…on my other blog today I suggested rabies vaccine in the water supply; but I think it is too late.  Never mind that the Democratic Party, as it exists today, is far too far right to even be called “Republican Light” — they closely resemble the GOP of the 1950’s and 1960’s!  Only Bernie Sanders remains recognizably “liberal” to me.

The GOP resembles a cross of the Soviet “Old Guard” and the cast of “Dumb and Dumber”.  They promulgate utter lies, nonsense and idiocy.  They embrace religion that controls women and reproduction, claiming fetal life is sacred — but turn crowds of desperate children away from our borders because their skin is the wrong color.  They shout about America being a Biblically based nation, but make it illegal to feed the poor and homeless.  The levels of sheer hypocrisy and duplicity … well, it leaves me breathless and damned near silenced in shock.

They bitch about the ‘illegality’ of Obama’s actions; but I heard none of that when Republican Presidents were breaking laws in far more harmful ways.  They are selling out America to the 1% and that 1%?  Well, they are looting the nation with taxpayer assistance and making sure they can reduce the American work force to something so desperate that “livable wage” has no meaning whatsoever.  The GOP claims that “big government” is the problem and they are correct.  Government exists to protect citizens from threats external AND internal; but government wielded by the Republicans only cares about rich men getting richer and they sell us to the highest bidder daily.  So yes, a “big government” that takes marching orders from the corporations and the right wing religious sorts IS a huge problem to anything meant to be a representative democracy.

They propagandize on fears.  And since they’ve progressively dumbed down the educational systems, Americans are buying it.  If they win the White House in 2016 I think we can kiss a two party system goodbye.  Their wealthy friends control the moron media, but any time the news reports something even vaguely factual, they scream about the “liberal media” to denigrate the truth out of existence.  I don’t think there can be much to blog about in such a climate of ignorant compliance.

And the Democratic Party?  When they are not being venal asshats, they are being stupidly genteel, as if playing by rules of courtesy will work with the rogue elephant crew.  My email and snail mail box was full of pre-election demands.  Not just for my vote, but for money.  America?  If all your party really wants and needs from you is money?  We are already done.    My flagpole broke in a windstorm this past year.  I have not replaced it.  I don’t think I see any reason to do so.

That red, white, and blue is being used to wrap some things I want no part in, thank you.  Not enough of us vote to change this nation back to the place I grew up.  It’s Friday.  Sooner or later it will be five o’ clock.  With the “Old Guard” of bitter, mean, wealthy white men in charge, perhaps it is appropriate I want nothing so much as a stiff shot of good vodka?


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