Monday Normal After Holiday Blues

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11/17/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1min wagesIt is my New Year already.  Of course, I begin it by cutting myself some slack; I celebrate Samhain with friends and guests and then promptly sink into what I call “the Fallows”.  The time between my ritual New Year’s Eve and the calendar’s version at December’s end is my period of necessary-but-nothing-more endeavors. It is my annual rest.  The world goes on around me, but I rest.

This year, we had guests and some stayed a week after the ritual and party.  Now the house is family and pets only again and it is my husband’s New Year of being retired, too.  This will take some adjustment.  He decries his lack of routine now, but has not established any so I think “the lady man doth protest too much.”

But the world does go on, and there is cause for many more of us to protest even more…

I noted, in passing, the passing of a veteran who is emblem of the suffering of many.  And the wars go on and on and on.

And damn it, religious extremists are murderous bastards who will kill even the “righteous” by the definitions of their own book.

Going to the airport to drop off departing a guest, the weather was very cold.  We are having nights below 20 degrees this month and while the ice on the marsh and frost sparkle on fall leaves in beautiful, the sight of a young woman begging with a toddler in a stroller beside her is not.  New Year economy same as the old year economy, the same desperation and need is of course unchanged by me walking a labyrinth and lighting a bonfire.  And America, in large, drives by without questioning why our fellow citizens stand in the cold with outstretched hands.

Oh, and don’t all the treaties say that the Indians are “sovereign nations”?  Then why are the oil companies, with the help of Congress, getting ready to commit an act of war against them?  I mean, if the Rosebud Sioux say “Keep your pipeline OFF our fucking reservation!” shouldn’t that count for something?  I tell you, I keep hearing Robbie Robertson singing...

And yes, it seems that most men in the science community might actually be twelve years old, because if they whine about women telling them wearing a shirt full of naked women on a national video is inappropriate, they should maybe consider going back to throwing newspapers for a living.  I wonder if they’d think it as amusing and appropriate if I went on television talking about my life work, but wearing a shirt of some muscled dude in bondage getting his ballsack stretched by a horse team?

And pssssst, America?  Watch out that the newly in-charge national Republicans don’t do to all of American what the Kansas Republicans did to my birth state, ok?



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