Which Type?


11/02/2014 by syrbal-labrys

Blue_GSVYesterday, taking a back road to a friend’s Day of the Dead party, we passed a yard with a huge banner: “Tell Congress ALL limits on gun ownership are unconstitutional!”


You know, when I see that sort of thing, it begs a question.  The question is not “Is the person an asshole?”  No, anyone making that indiscriminate demand that anyone, anywhere, for any reason can have any gun he/she wants IS definitely an asshole.

The only question is which type of asshole.

The sort who HAS to have a gun to shoot a mother of four in traffic?

The type who shoots a pregnant wife to death in the BACK of the head and calls it self-defense?

The kind who shoots his own wife to death in front of the children?

The type who shoots his own child and grandchild to death because he is too chickenshit to suicide alone?

The sorts who just have to shoot several people almost every day of the year?

1gun controlAnd yes, Asshole with the banner demanding guns, more guns for all, no matter what?  I voted for #594 to make buying guns without a back ground check more difficult.  And you, Asshole, can kiss my ass.


2 thoughts on “Which Type?

  1. E.A. Blair says:

    Please excuse my bluntness, but you have touched upon one of my pet peeves. You wrote,

    “You know, when I see that sort of thing, it begs a question”

    No, it does not beg a question, it raises a question.

    “Begging the question” is a logical fallacy (also called “Petitio principii”) in which a question is asked in such a manner that the answer is already assumed. Wikipedia gives the explanation as “when a proposition which requires proof is assumed without proof”. One of the most common sources of begging the question is religion, in “proofs” of a deity’s existence or the veracity of scriptures.

    I spent an entire semester in a class on syntax having the notion of begging the question exorcised from my reasoning by a professor who mercilessly attacked all of his students’ logical fallacies.

    Using the phrase “begs the question” when what is really meant is “raises the question” is, unfortunately, becoming so common that some sources consider the two phrases equivalent. To some of us who had to learn to be precise in our language, that is distasteful. I ask that, when you next want to use the phrase, to consider whether you actually mean “raise” instead of “beg”.

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