Friday Ferretude

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10/31/2014 by syrbal-labrys

december HelenIt rained quite hard last night and the ferrets, Helen and Farley, are drowsy this morning.  They are furry, slinky little barometers.  Helen had her breakfast, begged more morning treats and snuggles and has already curled up to sleep again.

They always seem to know when it is time to crawl into a warm pillow, old duffle-bag, or basket full of papers.  Do people know the same?  Specifically, in political matters, do we bipedal allegedly big-brained sorts know when to just put our heads down to weather the storm?

I ask because all the predictions for the upcoming election are so grim.  I mentioned that I hoped it was a matter of mis-polling such as notoriously gave Mitt Romney and his dear wife Ann the idea that the White House was indisputably theirs.  I was told that this time, it was much more likely to be correct.

1only youWell, fuck.  I can’t take Wellbutrin anymore; that helpful little pill that got me through two thirds of the Bush years.  I admit, reading the news makes me wonder if Americans have gotten so stupid they can let this happen to them.  “What this?” you ask?  Well, witchy pagan sort that I am, I don’t need my tarot cards, nor any crystal ball to have an example of what life under the Republican Party’s thumb looks like — I can look to my birth state: Kansas.  To my Army-brat eyes, Kansas was always a better place to be from than in; if you weren’t a big wheat farmer there just wasn’t much there for you.  And it got worse after I left for good in 1974.

And yet, I hear that the younger voters may not vote at all; they consider the system corrupted and politicians owned by rich corporate interests.  Hearing that makes me rather sad — and then totally pissed off.  A lot of women suffered indignities to give young women of today the right to vote.  A lot of people of color endured horrors to give other people of color the ability to have a political voice.  So, a bunch of whippersnappers don’t want to play?  What the fuck, kids — you just sitting on your asses waiting for the new revolution, or what? Seriously, if 100% of eligible voters showed up, it wouldn’t matter what the corrupt fucking 1% wanted.  Yes, the game IS fucking rigged.  But sitting around waiting for it to all fall down is NOT a solution, believe me!

1wagesAmerican voters need to get pissed off at the right people.  The Democrats need to stiffen their spines and attack the other side instead of each other.  Women need to stop thinking playing nicely with others is the main event.  (That goes for the President and Democrats, too.) Stop “trusting” in God, for pity’s sake and decide what kind of country you really want to live in — get your asses out there and VOTE.

Otherwise, yeah, you better be watching the woozles, the bats, the bunnies, and the bears — because it will be a long, long “winter” of much discontent that we will all be trying to weather our way through.  And knowing the gerrymandering habits of the GOP?  We might NEVER get a chance to turn that one-party minded tide of religiously right wing theocratic, plutocratic asshattery again.  I can’t get Don McLean’s “American Pie” out of my head…I don’t WANT to Cold War-wise “bend over, put your head between your knees and kiss (America’s) ass goodbye”.  VOTE and vote Blue, because otherwise, we become a bad cartoon of ourselves.




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