Again, And Again

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10/27/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1gop n gunsLast Friday, as we planned a family outing for the next day, another family was faced with planning a funeral.  Yes, another school shooting, this time in my own state.  The young man took a handgun to school, apparently in some sort of festering pain/rage reaction to something said in an argument days beforehand.  He meant to kill, he shot five other students, some of them his own cousins, in the heads.


A female teacher ran to stop the young killer as he readied to reload his weapon.  Two young girls and the shooter himself are now dead.  Three others remain hospitalized.  The count above is surely well out of date by now.

Every time a student shoots up a school, it is not the ease of getting guns that is criticized; the students are described as ‘maladaptive youths’ or bullying is blamed.  This 14 year old student shooter was not bullied; he was a popular apparently happy kid…and part of high school homecoming “royalty” at that.  I would say, can’t there now be a talk about the easy access to guns — now that it was seemingly a case of a sudden teen heart-break that resulted in all this destruction and death, including the suicide of the shooter.

But that would mean all the adults would have to operate on some sort of sane level.  As near as I can tell, that never happens when the conversation is about guns.  Fall funerals ahead, and to me, it always feels like the autumnal rain is the sky crying.  And crying with such good reason….again and again.




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