Wednesday Words of A Young Poet

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10/22/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1non exis ballsA big storm is moving over the Nor’west presently.  The skies are so dark it still seems like the wee hours of morning.  And it seems a metaphor for my nation in many ways.  It looks pretty dark and scary out there.

We scare too easily, as Jim Wright tells us.  I would say my nation has taken to screaming like a little girl, but I once WAS a little girl and I NEVER screamed so easily.  In fact?  In all my 61 years, I’ve NEVER screamed at all — not in fear nor in pain.  So brace up America — you are looking to wussy!   After all, courage is not the lack of fear — it is correct behavior in spite of fear!  My eldest son once wrote a little poem when he was but a boy, and I think it would pay for Americans to consider looking past the doom and gloom:

There Lies

In a far distant corner

Of our minds,

There lies a calm stillness.


In the farthest reaches

Of the heart,

There lies unbridled compassion.


In the hidden depths

Of the soul,

There lies unbound truth.


In the near corner

Of our minds,

There breaches violent upheaval.


In the darkest place

Of the heart,

There breeds our savagery.


In the coldest places

Of the soul,

There grows paralyzing fear.






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