Hand Me The Barf-Bag, Ok?

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10/20/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1cuking ladyNope, not on an airplane in “turbulent” air.  Just sickened, fucking sickened.   I give you a quote:  “You just felt loved and appreciated and all that type of stuff just because usually in these days, guys don’t really do stuff like that anymore. So it was nice to be noticed and be appreciated and be taken care of.”

That was the quote of a 14 year old female “re-enacter” of Mormon history.  That was how she felt about being carried across a (non-freezing) river by a teenaged boy.  Wow.  Ain’t that sweet?

Get those teens properly religiously indoctrinated and propagandized by participation chic, ok?  And NPR, thank you for a window into religious indoctrination disguised as history, too.   Someone tell me how this is any different than the Shia marches all over the Mideast to commemorate the early history of their sect?  Oh, yeah, one assumes that here in America, there are no other sect of Christians standing by to stone them…silly me.

Mind you, plenty of folks crossing the nation to re-settle had terrible difficulties doing so, and it had jack and shit to do with religion.  So while I personally get a bit skeeved out at folks re-enacting history (because, what, fucking REPEATING it ain’t sufficient?) for some sort of jollies.  But the religious gloss to this act — and the fact that they apparently need this to have a CLUE how hard and bitter and dangerous life could be in the 19th century?  Really makes me want to throw up.  Preferably on some religious shoelaces.


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