Saturday Steamroller Post


10/18/2014 by syrbal-labrys

What was that line about a picture being worth a thousand words? (I live with two photographers, I’d prefer if every picture was worth a thousand bucks, but I diverge..)  I am busy and my fingers hurt too much to type.   And as an aside, in the “Oh, fucking COME ON” department, Belize, really?   Time will tell if this frightening possibility  will come true?So here…pictures on a topic that needs some sensible words.

1bengz ebola

1dr guns ebola







2 thoughts on “Saturday Steamroller Post

  1. montag says:

    I fear the Republicans are not trying to protect our health on the cheap. They see Ebola as the perfect disaster to implement their takeover. The Shock Doctrine implemented by a bunch of Mad Doctors. And their enraptured evangelicals and frightened science deniers will follow them into the pit.

    • They are vulture enough, I give you that. If their perfidy does not fail; then perhaps America has earned, through apathy and ignorance the darkness that will fall?

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