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10/17/2014 by syrbal-labrys

Ammo_EditI am more afraid of some pissed off male with a gun killing me than I am of ebola.  A woman somewhere is shot damned near daily — or threatened with shooting.  And when the guy can’t shoot the woman, cause she runs away to get help?  Well, then the murderous bastard kills the children instead.

Yes, I will continue to state my opinion that REAL tyranny is being in constant fear of being executed by gun when a man can’t win an argument in any other way.  And worse, all you folks scared of ebola?  We don’t even have a surgeon general right now, because the Nat’l Fucking Rifle Association doesn’t want to man confirmed in his job because he made a properly derogatory statement about gun violence.  So hey, pick your poison, guns or ebola — the fucking gun nuts will help you to EITHER choice.

Now I have to go be nauseated and twitchy for the rest of the night.  Because yeah, it is how I once thought I would die.


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