Fun Ducked Up


10/16/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1a kissWow, imagine being the woman who is almost nameless in the news, but headlined as “Ebola Nurse”?  No, Amber Vinson is not the one who done fucked up, thank you.  She is a victim of the morons she worked for at the “Neiman Marcus” of hospitals.  She called the CDC, asking IF she should fly, btw — and they didn’t think her sick enough to send a crew for collection. Mind you, a nurse likely picks up a bug at work several times a year; but when the bug could be Ebola?

So everyone is playing tapdance-ass-cover to Congress today.  And yes, I do think some apologies are needed.  Starting with the CDC.  Their blithe “don’t worry, this is America” patter now seems particularly grating, don’t you think?  Yeah, that shit happening in Africa can’t happen HERE.  Except it did.  And the biggest baddest hospital in Texas didn’t know how to manage safety procedures.

What I’d like?**  I’d like the names of the almost certainly MALE doctors and administrators of that hospital published with words like “Ebola Doctor” or maybe seeing their hospital splashed on the news as “Ebola Hospital” would wake them the fuck UP.

And thank Skippy for a link to sanity.

**That doesn’t even TOUCH what I’d like to happen to Boehner for wanting to prohibit travel from (black) Africa, but hasn’t got the balls to insist on raising the palings around Texas as well.  Because hey, it can’t happen here, right John?


4 thoughts on “Fun Ducked Up

  1. Susan says:

    But you haven’t [to your knowledge] been exposed to a viral hemorrhagic fever. If you had , no matter how careful you believed you had been in obeying protection protocols, wouldn’t you think it prudent to consider that slightly elevated temp as worth staying home for? Just to be sure. Just to avoid any chance of passing that disease on to someone else.
    And yes, she is the one at risk of dying. But so might be anyone else she came in contact with while contagious.

    • She also called the so-called experts. She told them she had been exposed and asked for direction. And yet, there seems to be a whole lot more blame directed at a young female nurse than at the senior scientists and doctors of the CDC who told her flying was “fine”.

      So, yes, I DO still find blame directed at her MIS-directed.

  2. Susan says:

    Not meaning to excuse any of the powers that be: but if she was concerned enough to call and ask if she should travel, then she should have stayed home. Why take any risks with your family, let alone the strangers she would be traveling with. Calling her a victim seems to be saying that she wasn’t capable of understanding the risks.

    • Not at all. As I said, a nurse must get exposed to a dozen things a week. How does one know precisely what is causing a low fever?

      Myself, I run a fever even when some of my allergies get too tweaked. If I stayed home every time my temp was elevated a degree or so, I’d get very little of life lived.

      She is a victim because she is labeled as if it is HER fault she was infected. And oh, yes, she is the one at risk of dying. Not the guys at CDC who told her she was ok to fly, btw.
      And also, THIS.

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