Hubris Or Stupidity?


10/15/2014 by syrbal-labrys

skull-tollingWhich was it, Texas?  When a hospital has nurses working with an Ebola patient with NO protective gear?  So now, while the whole state convulses with shock and fear, the truth comes out that they kept an infected man in an open area like any other patient?  Yeah, hard to tell, was that a “This can’t happen to us white Texas sorts” hubris, or just utter ignorance of the real risks?

Me?  I’m relieved for the infected nurses that they are going elsewhere for treatment!  Congratulations, Texas, for proving yet again that you may be part of the first world, but lack the brains to ACT like it.

Seriously, biohazard waste piled ceiling high, and the hospital didn’t see the risk of that.  OH, and CDC?  Assuming every hospital in America is up to your standards is VERY stupid. That flippant chirpy cheery attitude WAS hubristic. And a virus is now going to kick your ass for it.

I’d much prefer if both the CDC and Texas could be good examples instead of cautionary tales!


4 thoughts on “Hubris Or Stupidity?

  1. I have now been working in South Africa’s private medical sector for a year and a half.
    The woman in charge of overseeing infection control has her office opposite mine. She’s quite barmy – sprays the air with disinfectant every few hours – but she’s serious about her role.
    She lost her temper completely a week ago with some nurses who didn’t follow best procedure perfectly – and had to apologise.
    Some days, I think she’s the only sane person in my immediate vicinity at work. We’re still all under the impression that it can’t happen here, as South Africa likes to think of itself as an almost-first-world county. Too bad – those West African refugees will be here any day now.
    Terri in Joburg

    • Had that hospital in TExas been doing what the CDC advised to the letter…it would not have “happened” there. But no, arrogance and carelessness for all.

      Oh, and death.

  2. Sixbears says:

    I’ve very glad my wife no longer works as a medical lab tech. Hospital infection control has been getting lax for years. They just pump up the antibiotics and call it good. Of course, doesn’t work for a virus. Many Dr.’s can’t be bothered to wash hands every time. Too time consuming, they say.

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