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10/15/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1a kissI know, I am spending too much time holding forth about television matters.  So sue me; the news is so depressing I can’t find anything to comment upon that someone else hasn’t said faster and better.

Everyone knows how much I hate Comcast for their craptastical bills and shitty service.  And I cannot escape them, they are all that is offered for internet here.  Everything else available is even slower and shittier.  But I did deny them the big bucks they demand for worthwhile television — paying only about $16 per month for that crap.

Today’s big news, that made my sons crow with glee?  HBO will be launching a stand-alone streaming service.  So, doubtless Comcast is shitting bricks about now.  And it is their own damned fault.  Back when we did get our television services from them, we repeatedly bitched, begged, and asked why we had to buy their overpriced packages of shit we did not want; why couldn’t we make up our own ala carte list of channels for which we paid?

They liked cramming miscellaneous crap together and charging tons of money.  So, gee, look — now the exodus will begin.  Fuck you, Comcast!  And no, changing your name to Xfinity doesn’t impress me.


2 thoughts on “Cable Snark

  1. Your Comcast sounds *exactly* like our DSTV: same arguments, same overpriced crappy stuffed “bouquets” And lo -what is this? – our DSTV is *also* thinking of getting into the streaming market. Because that’s where the future lies. If we all survive that long, that is.
    Terri in Joburg

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