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10/14/2014 by syrbal-labrys

SkullSometimes reading the news makes me wonder why I once upon a time thought I might like being a journalist. The headlines are not only badly edited these days, but profoundly stupid:

Prison would ‘break’ Pistorius” – Wow, so many ways to snark. Some would say “Isn’t that the point?” or “Like his bullets broke Ms. Steenkamp?” I will limit myself to remarking that if the prisons are that bad in South Africa, is it because the expectation is that well-to-do white men will never be IN them?

Are dictators worse than instability?” – Well, once supposes that question is merely rhetorical if you live where the dictator IS; mostly, this one struck me as selfish on the part of first world nations.  Dictators in shit-holes around the world are better for Europe and America because they keep business working, money flowing, and asshats tamped down in their own domain.  Of course, being the folks living IN those shitholes? Your mileage may vary.  And don’t even get me started on Germans writing about the need for stability over ideals relating to liberty for ALL.  I would ask why it is utterly impossible to stop sponsoring tin-horn dictators in the first place; but I’m trying to stuff my inner idealist back in her pigeon-hole.

Islamic extremist flees…..despite ankle tag” – Well, duh.  This is because they aren’t using the sci-fi kind that blow your ankle off when you cross the border.  Obviously.

And finally?  The cherry atop the shit sundae of idiocy?  “Brutalism, Family Style” which begs the question of how anyone with that much money to spend converting a humongo church for living space rather regally appointed could consider it in any way related to brutality.

I could to on and on, but damn, I am getting hives.



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