Heads Could Roll…

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10/06/2014 by syrbal-labrys

SkullThe Monday morning conversation here grew a bit bloody even for a Monday. The talk almost always turns to the latest madness and mayhem inflicted by the ISIL bastards.  It gets that way in a household with four veterans.  The Manchild, the Runaway-Returnee, and I were originally discussing cutting things (tree branches, ok, just tree branches) with axes, kukris and other sharp things.

And inspiration struck, we discussed the Gurkha soldiers who carry the famous kukri knives. I said those ISIL bastards who saw heads off with knives might think about being as humane as they claim to be when butchering dinner, since halal meat must be slaughtered humanely. The Manchild said that the British should recruit more Gurkha warriors and sent THEM after the ISIL assholes.

Other rebellious sorts have surrendered on the very word that the Gurkhas were incoming with kukris — because they did not want to lose their heads.  Hey, if ISIL wants heads to roll, let them roll that particular pair of dice with people who can take a bull’s head off with a single kukri swing, alright?


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