All We Have To Fear Is — Delays Caused By Denial? (And REAL Threats)

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10/02/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1a kiss(Edited update for outrage and really fearsome stuff) So, back when the doctors infected with ebola were brought to the USA for treatment, there was SO much blather about how it was not a danger to the US.  No possibility of infection here, by gawd, cause hey we first world sorts needn’t worry about death by viral infection, right?

I tell you, it took me back to the early days of AIDS when most of white heterosexual America was so sure it was just a scourge of Gawd in response to religious asshats “praying away the gay”.  Nobody was scared, or even mildly cautious then, either.  Surely “good” straight white folks couldn’t catch such a thing, right.

So now?  Now, with an ebola infected patient in a hospital in Dallas, one whom Good Hair Himself is screaming “exposed children,” now the CDC might have to think about the modern world of airplanes and travel which means what happens in ‘deepest, darkest Africa’ does NOT stay there?  Said patient did go to a hospital earlier and was sent home with antibiotics, which do jack and shit for a viral disease.

So, what I am worried about is that if ebola really “comes” to America?  It will be because doctors here aren’t looking for it and won’t see it right in front of them.  Doctors sent the Dallas patient back out in the world to expose people.  And now, Wall Street has the jitters?    For pity’s sake, this is not a disease you get from passing someone in the hallway, nor from a sneeze.  Educate yourselves to reality, America.  Airplanes bring people from around the world every day; be more afraid of a contagious disease than of terrorists, ok?  But don’t be stupidly terrified of everything!  Even the TSA could manage these techniques for finding travelers at risk.  Consider a man there from the discovery of the virus!

Since when was it ever good policy to have two reactions and only two: Ignore or Freak out?

The outrage: And THIS ASSHAT ….anyone who would go around saying ebola was created to kill black  people, good grief; that would be one smart freaking virus eh?  Can tell the color from inside the body…

The really scary shit: If I were still a parent, I’d be pee-my-pants scared of the enterovirus D68, especially since they can’t rule out polio-like PARALYSIS as an occurence!  And yes, it now HAS been linked to deaths in children. (But no, I do not want to pretend to have a rational discussion with the asshat who blamed this on the deported illegal immigrant children on the border — specially since all the beginning cases of this disease were in the northerly MIDWEST!)



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