Yawning Thursday

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09/25/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1sugar shitAh, Thursday and another dawn with no sleep — too worried about the Runaway Returning (the youngest son returning, driving almost non-stop from Texas) — and mesmerized by the sound of rain on my roof.  Might as well snark a bit, right?

The ISIL dudes are pissed off (yet more) at the French who seem to have coined a name for them that insults them.  I was thinking “assholes”….but the French are more subtle than me.

Whoa, the GOP sorts never learn, bitching about the 47% is back. (Hat-tip to First Draft!)

White cop shoots a black guy in a panic, again?  Really?  WTF? (At least this one got charged and fired.)  Can they just all finally admit they are scared shitless of black people and react badly?

What now, the TSA wants to see your boarding pass and re-screen you AFTER you land??!(And I love how the TSA guy calls the passenger “objectionable” for filming him.)

Get your free banned book reading before the week is over!

Speaking of books — get your right wing reactionary hands OFF those kids’ history books, Denver!

It does rather make me wish I could just go play with LEGOS.


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