Dike and Ditch Day

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09/24/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1coffee n vodkaNo real blogging today … unexpected life bits occupying me.  The blessed rain finally came! But the sunshade we just put on the front of the small “Haven” household (now inhabited by eldest son Manchild and his Beloved) inadvertently created an emergency.  Water ran off it to the end, where it pooled and ran back towards the slightly lower house!  It was almost over the metal door threshold when the Manchild noticed it.  So we old farts fell out along with him to do a fast repair job.

A ditch was dug, just as we used to do ’round our Army tents.  The runoff fell into this and was ditch-guided towards the lower back yard and Labyrinth. We filled the ditch with some of the plentiful fist-and-above sized rocks.  Then the inside out rubber tire planters were stationed around the edges of the rest of the sunshade area to catch and block water from the rest of the driveway….a dike of planters.

The little building was built, not by us, but by the original house owner and built at a grade where all the water of the yard drains towards it!  We had somewhat corrected this upon our remodel in 2006 that made it a habitation, by putting in a holed pipe in front of the doors.  Our mistake this week was not realizing runoff from the sunshade would overwhelm that drainage capacity.  But the problem is solved with only some muddied muscle power, no money spent.

And now, I am off for errands….fuming and powered past my physical weariness to realize that yes, yet again, we like war better than we like feeding hungry people.


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