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09/23/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1bernie8I am a bitter bitch.  Let’s be clear on that, shall we? I am a bitter Democrat bitch.

I am sick of the lies and hyperbole sprayed by BOTH sides.  I am sick of it being only and all about which side has the most money.

I am sick of having to vote for the lesser of two evils, so to speak.

That said?  I believe the main reason for my disenchantment is that not enough people vote to keep the system responsive and alive.  Not enough people look beyond the talking screaming points of both major parties to vote responsibly for their REAL best interests.  Personally, I’d love to see Bernie Sanders in the White House. (Frankly, what makes it impossible is that the GOP is still haunted by the ghost of Franklin Roosevelt and that pisses me the fuck OFF.) I consider that highly unlikely, however, and will doubtless have to settle for attempting to keep whatever glossed up asshat the GOP stands on their podium OUT of the White House.

America has long held a place on the world stage.  1acaWe enforced our position both economically and militarily.  Sometimes rightly, sometimes wrongly.  And presently?  From my point of view, we can’t afford to do it the same old way.  But instead of having a really sensible national discussion on real needs and real problems we simply mis-label everything and scream and shout and half the country seems to have gotten too stupid to vote in their own interests instead of buying into a neo-feudal daydream that has been foisted on them since the Reagan years.

1obamacareAmericans need jobs.  Real jobs that pay real bills; not minimum wage service sector jobs that hire part time to avoid paying benefits.  Americans hurt themselves every time they happily pay $1 for a hamburger, but they can’t see beyond the price hype.  They listen to blither about affordable health care and act as if being well or sick is a matter of willpower; it is not.  Every other first world nation has more affordable health care and they are not euthanizing people OR sterilizing them against their wills.  For pity’s sake…the fucking Red scare is over; stop fighting the Cold War on people’s medical needs.  Access to hospitals is NOT killing people; NO access to medical care until people are in ER extremis IS killing people.   And don’t get me started on using the religious argument against the Affordable Care Act.  You really want to force women to have babies they cannot afford and then you want to watch mothers and children starve because you also don’t like welfare to keep them alive?  How very fucking Christ-like of you.  Oh, wait…not so much, eh?

I’m seeing the GOP actively working to make it less likely that anyone who opposes their nasty oligarchic, plutocratic ways can continue having a right to the vote.  This appalls and terrifies me and it IS un-American.  They are stacking the books — the voting registers being said books.  Do something about it, get your asses out and get registered to vote if you are not already all set. Do some damned fact checking.  Is the candidate you plan to support working to get more American jobs, more pay equity, more access to health care and other vital needs?  Are they walking the walk or just talking the talk while taking care of the interests of rich bastards who already shipped jobs overseas to clean up on cheap labor?

Consider:reason to vote



Those things listed in the “voters” sections come from polls of the general populace.  It really is time America.  It is time to throw out the lapdogs of the 1%, who, btw, are NOT creating jobs HERE and are NOT sharing the tax load with the working, struggling citizenry.

1dems vote


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