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09/22/2014 by syrbal-labrys

photo…for the season?

Well, there sure is a reason I never liked playing dominos.  Any why I am sick of histrionics.

And that Starbucks doesn’t get any of MY bucks…cause one more “I love coffee AND guns” bumper sticker is going to make me puke.

And why guns are not the answer.

And here?  Well, it is the autumnal equinox.  Today I clean and take inside the beads counting the dead — to protect some of the more delicate ceramic bits from the frosts of winter to come.  And I will sit in meditation outside in the occasional misting rain, contemplating the change of world amidst the change of seasons.

I will wonder how the winter ahead will go.  My husband will retire, we will have less income. We still support my eldest son, medically disabled veteran and college graduate, who cannot find more than a minimum wage job that barely pays his child support and gas for the car.  We will soon be supporting our youngest medically disabled veteran son and his pets, too.  The house is filling up as I put up fall garlands and beg the skies for rain.

I will wonder why the national news is filled with a search for a nutcase who shot two cops; but has scarce a word about a nutcase felon who shot his daughter and six little grandchildren with a gun he shouldn’t have been allowed to have.  I will wonder why the White House is more worried about a man with an itsy bitsy pocket knife running through the front doors instead of why the man was PTSD crazed enough to do so. (And no, thank you, I don’t give a rat’s ass what was IN his car — he did not take anything really dangerous with him to the White House.)  I will wonder why my country is gearing up for war against the bunch of murderous religious asshats of ISIL, while not addressing the murderous minded (to women) religious asshats of THIS country. And I’ll wonder why we can’t quit religious justifying the beating of women and children in this country.(Maybe because we dont’ read the correct bedtime stories to our children?)



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