Just A Question For Inquiring Minds


09/22/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1acq taste.I watched “60 Minutes” last night…or bits thereof in between some household repairs.

One segment was, of course, on the danger of ISIL/ISIS.  Of course the big concern is how much money these religiously murderous bastards have — not only are misguided (?) fuckwits SENDING them contributions, but in the areas where they have seized control?  They are selling oil.  For $30 a barrel.  Whoa.  That’s like a 66% off sale, right?

What MY inquiring mind wants to know is, who is BUYING this bargain basement (not to mention stolen property) oil?  I mean aren’ they supporting terrorism in so doing?  If any major players (American or European oil companies?) are taking advantage to boost stocks, aren’t they doing it at the expense in blood of thousands?


4 thoughts on “Just A Question For Inquiring Minds

  1. Sixbears says:

    I read somewhere that a lot of it is going through Turkey. (our ally?)

    It ends up on tankers, but the tankers can’t stop at the normal ports. Here’s where it gets shadier. The AIS tansponders of the oil tankers are turned off. Picture a big oil tanker with no lights and no radio communication drifing around in the ocean. What can go wrong? Smaller boats come out to the tanker and unload at sea. (No dangers there, right?)

    A lot of money is being made along the way.

    • Yeah, sounds about right. Does turning off the transponders really turn out the lights? I mean lights preceded transponders on ships of all sorts…

      But I am sure fortunes are being made; if the oil is going thru Turkey it explains their resistance to joining an anti-IS coalition.

      • Sixbears says:

        Sorry, turning off the transponder doesn’t turn off the lights, but they turn those off too. Many boats rely on the AIS system to avoid collisions -so much so that they get sloppy about actually looking out the window.

      • Yes, I have heard that before — they just coast along thru the ocean, never looking out at all.

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