“We’re All Family Here”


09/19/2014 by syrbal-labrys

Ammo_EditI need an explanation of what that title statement means.  The sheriff of a little Florida town made that statement after looking at the bodies of a 28 year old woman, her three little boys and three little girls — one of whom was not even three months old.  They were dead at the gun-wielding hand of her father.

And the sheriff’s department had been called to that home numerous times.  The father was a convicted felon who had shot his own 8 year old son and had gone to jail for it, though they accepted that it was accidental, because he was not supposed to have a gun.  But he DID have a gun.  And he had a gun again.

What does a woman do? She calls the police, and the police do nothing.  And so that woman is dead and so are her little children.  “We’re all family here,” says the sheriff who did NOT protect her from her father.

I am finding functionality almost beyond my command today.  I survived my own father’s homicidal/suicidal impulses because I was over 1500 miles away when he decided it was time to go.  Otherwise, my children and I would have become another pretty much ignored statistic.  And some utterly useless sheriff’s spokesman would have said, “It’s a small town here, we are devastated because we are all family here.”

You know what?  No, we are not all family “here” or anywhere else where nutjobs, convicts, and drunks are allowed to so easily get guns with which to murder their own families because “OMG, 2nd Amendment.”  

What “we” all are?  Is at risk.  At risk of sudden death because America is having a love affair with the rather seditious idea that was have to all be armed to “protect ourselves from tyranny.”  Seriously, America?  I’ve got some news to break to you stupid movie/video game deluded twits: MOST of you have NO FUCKING IDEA what “tyranny” really is — you think it is when you have to drive a civilized speed limit, for pity’s sake.  You think it is when you have to act semi-civilized.

Tyranny is when you have to REGULARLY fear being summarily executed.  It is women, children, and schoolchildren who are tyrannized presently in this nation — by a host of men who have the absolute nerve to insist that they need a special deadly detachable penis to BE men.  I am SICK of it.

Expect an absolutely violent zero tolerance standard from me, as if I hadn’t made that clear before.  FUCK YOUR HOLY SECOND AMENDMENT, IT IS KILLING US.


3 thoughts on ““We’re All Family Here”

  1. Leo Knight says:

    I want to thank you for this blog. I once walked in on a friend of mine while he was holding a handgun and trying to work up to killing himself. I didn’t want to leave him alone (he might kill himself), and I was afraid to turn my back on him (he might interpret that as abandonment and kill me), so I sat with him and talked to him until other people arrived. Someone called the cops, and it all ended without bloodshed. I stayed around to talk to the police, and make sure his home was locked up. He had a huge gun collection. The cops were stunned. They confiscated the ones they found, but assured me he could get them back once he had completed treatment. I don’t know if that’s true, since my friend says he didn’t get them back. Turns out some medication he was taking had messed him up. He went away to a hospital for a while, they adjusted his meds, and now he’s “fine.”

    I have never owned a gun, and never will. I have issues with depression, anxiety, and anger. I have “road raged.” I have, merely with my words, hurt enough people. I don’t want to be the source of yet another headline.

    I don’t really have a point, but your last few posts really got to me. Thanks again for your writing.

    • I think you have an excellent point, Leo: know your own limits and acknowledge them. Medication can indeed be an issue. I was once prescribed gabapentin for pain — within a month I was ragingly suicidal. While I am mildly depressive, it is usually nothing on that order. I stopped the drug and returned to normal; but yes, I was grateful that I had no handgun in reach for the duration of the medical side-effects.

  2. […] (basically just sat down at 11:30PM), so I’m going to let someone else talk to you about ammosexual 2nd Amendment activists: Tyranny is when you have to REGULARLY fear being summarily executed. It is women, children, and […]

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