Keeping Up With the Joneses?

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09/19/2014 by syrbal-labrys

photo(Warning: bitterness, snark, and sarcasm ahead.)

My, my but the ISIL bunch has certainly fouled the religious maniac-terrorist punchbowl.  I mean, attracting hundreds of people from allegedly civilized places like Britain, America, and Australia to their banner?  And cutting off heads.  Whoa…now that is hard-core isn’t it?

Well, no.  It is fucking madness of the sort that spawned Kristalnacht.  You know, a bunch of malcontents who can’t get their requisite 15 minutes of fame at home find if they go somewhere where they CAN be as bad as they want to be, surely someone will notice them then.

It is making the other big names in religious terrorism look a bit … well, you didn’t hear it here, ok?  But almost NORMAL.  Now, we cannot be having that shit, can we?

So Al Qaeda calls for everyone to get back on topic of kicking American ass.  And the Taliban, looking like wussy little bullies for shooting schoolgirls, decides to step it up and become arsonists.  And then, do do even better?  Yes, cutting off heads is the new vogue.

Gee, I’d be a whole lot more impressed with all these holier than thou sorts if they did something GOOD for the planet and the people upon it.  Cutting off heads is so….so 7th century.


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