The (Snarky) Bit Is Between My Teeth

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09/18/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1suck it upAh, poor football player. He can’t play and still gets his $770,000 per WEEK pay for sitting on his law-breaking ass.

And in other news, I am trying to contain myself, but considering all the asinine things Toronto mayor Rob Ford did and said?  Hey, the fact that he has a cancer that grows in fat –– that began in his gut and moved to his ass?  Just think what George Carlin could have done with THAT as raw material, ok?

And me?  Snark aside, before everyone gives the NFL women-bullying/beating guys a free pass for brain injury as a cause, how’s about you look and make sure they weren’t smacking women around BEFORE they became football bigshots, ok?  I note vets with traumatic brain injuries don’t get that much slack — or is that just sour military grapes?

Oh, and isn’t it sweet the males of the NFL made the mess and now they want women to clean up their mess? And then?  Oh, my pink girly garters…some men announce THAT is a power play for us nasty girls to try taking over pro-football. (Wow, yeah, like women scrubbing toilets on Wall Street are taking over there, too?)  But then, consider the source — these are the same sorts of men who insist anti-rape feminists are not protecting women, but demonizing heterosexual men.  Cause, apparently rape-iness is a heterosexual male trait, I take it?

Right, cause men like that need women’s help to be demonized.  Sure.

OH, and add to the list of ‘those who may suck it up and shut up’?  The poor billionaires.

And gun nuts may also suck it up — so far as I am concerned, from the mouth of their favorite gun, if they like.  Because news about death at the end of a gun, makes me really testy.  I’d like to be sympathetic about the families of shooters; and generally I do succeed.

But when the sister of suspect Eric Frein says he is “not a psycho” — in spite of him shooting two cops he didn’t even know?  I want to growl at her as nicely as I can and say, “Ok, either he is psycho or he is a murderous asshole; which is it?”

Red_GSVBut then, maybe I am just extraordinarily out of sorts because I know a veritable deluge of screaming political ads are in my future.  Because you see, Washington State has dueling initiatives coming on the ballot this fall.  One, 594, wants to instigate background checks for ALL gun sales — closing a horrific loophole in gun sales in my state.  The other, 591 would “protect our gun rights” — including, I presume, the right to DIE at the receiving end of a gun?

And I just LOVE that open carry laws let just any asshole parade around with a weapon that could be used to murder someone yards away, but cops almost always shoot anyone with a sword.  Because yeah, nobody can SEE and RUN from that, right?  Outrunning a bullet would even try the abilities of Olympic grade sprinters… I’d rather take my chances against a sword, ok?

Because, well, holy CRAP — yeah the 2nd Amendment says this is Greaaaaaat.

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