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09/17/2014 by syrbal-labrys

moral compass?…if we do, or if we don’t?

Last night, on PBS, I watched one of the installments of the Roosevelt biographies.  Fascinating family.  Tonight, another will be on, and I suppose it might get into the beginning of World War II; they finished the “Great War” last night.

World War II, which began with England ignoring Hitler’s habit of murdering his way to power.  And which ignored, pretty much all the way through it his other habit of murdering people whose religion or race he disliked.  Jews died merely for being Jewish.  Gypsies died for similar reasons.  And Russian prisoners were forced to endure much harsher conditions than Americans or Brits captured by the Third Reich.  Their treatment was akin to the horrific conditions the Japanese imposed on ALL POWs.

Why am I rehashing all this old shit, you ask?  Well, because it is a rather continual thing with me to notice when mankind is getting set to do the same old shit.  ISIL is killing people for their religion.  They have also clearly stated plans for continuing their proprietary bloodbath across the entire Mideast, and don’t be surprised if they decide all of Northern Africa should be in their grasp.  They are calling themselves a caliphate — go back and look up some of the historical versions and what THEY grasped, ok?

I think there is definite risk in ignoring them and saying it is not our problem.  Britain ignored Hitler.  How WAS that blitz, eh?

If America feels secure in saying, “Well, ok it IS a problem; but it is Europe’s problem — so what if ISIL eventually goes to take BACK Spain, say?”  Really?  Aren’t we still members of NATO?  Or can we claim that everyone knows that was only about those evil Commie bastards?  (So, then, if that is the case, what about the Ukraine and Russia, then?) And if we still presume to feel safe by dint of the Atlantic Ocean between us and ISIL?

Consider then that some of the murdering marauders dreaming it is the 7th century again ARE Americans, do we bear no responsibility for stopping them?  Should we not consider that if OUR discontents are flocking to a place where they can take out their hostility and hatred on anyone in reach in the name of a (usually) newly espoused religion — we may have a duty to humanity to stop them?

Yes, duty.  Aren’t we Kantians a pain in the ass?  No wonder Ayn Rand hated Immanuel Kant, right?  An honestly consulted moral compass is a bitch, eh?

But I cannot escape the feeling of nasty deja vu.  I have so little enthusiasm for more war; but I have even less enthusiasm for watching murder from afar and doing nothing. I don’t know how you stop people like ISIL with words; since their watchword is “our way or death”. (And then, they use video to say “Yeah, bring it, America.”  Sickening deja vu, indeed.) If ISIL is not stopped, what group of discontents will NEXT decide that weaponry and bloodshed is the path out of powerlessness?  And where? Never underestimate the effect of large numbers of stupid fundamental people in large numbers and armed with guns.


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