Monday Again?

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09/15/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1mondays suck so hard be in pornIn the Things That Suck category:

What’s in your wallet?  Better freaking hope it isn’t Capital One if you owe them money! Gee, what’s next debtor’s prisons.  It is getting a wee bit too Dickensonian for me, thanks.

The refugee crisis is bad enough, and then the boat sinks?

Yes, Fucking Missouri again.


In the Holy Fuck That’s Incredible category:

This IS why Command Sergeant Majors are said to walk on water, because they can fight off a tiger AND the North Vietnamese Army!

Hey, New York — if you can make it anywhere, make it THERE! Or where-ever you are!

Want to tell the FCC something about Net Neutrality?  A billboard awaits....

And hey, Go SeaTac with increased minimum wage.

In the Dipshit Stupid of the Week category:

Vintage Kent State?  Someone flunked history….

And yeah, of course, a pretty black woman in a car must be a whore or a vandal.…right, L.A?  And shit, she refused to show you her papers, you jack-bootless thugs?  Imagine the nerve to act like an American




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