“Sometimes you think things can’t get worse, but they do,”

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09/13/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1church and state.I’m not a babe in the woods.  I know the world is full of horrors.  And “first world issues” may hurt and trouble, but they are like a paper cut compared to a traumatic amputation compared to what happens in some of the hellholes of the world.  So, seeing a profile in courage both encourages and discourages me.

You know, one of the odd things I recall from my days as a beekeeper, is that bees have a limit.  They literally can only eat so much honey — the food that sustains them — before their bodies just go “Nope, not one more drop,” and stop digesting it.

I must be some kind of wuss, because I feel like I have a limit, too.  A limit on witnessing horror, hatred, and cruelty.  I’m only sixty, but now even fictional horrors make me flinch.  Reading the news is a bit like being in a vat of salt with no skin.


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