Yes, Thank You, I Know What Day It Is


09/11/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1a kissI got an acid comment I deleted.  How dare I “blither” on about my petty little life on this day of “terror and tragedy”.

Well, happy little right wing ‘patriot’ sort?  Fuck off and die, ok?  Yes, I fucking well know “what day it is”, thank you very much.

I watched my nation, over the last dozen years or so become nigh unrecognizable thanks to what damned day it is.  More than twice as many American military members are dead as died on Sept. 11, 2001, ok?  My sons are both now disabled veterans, thank you very fucking much; I know what day it is.

Here’s the thing, by 2005 I had quit flying because I thought four years of fear flogging and taking American rights away out of fear was more than bloody sufficient.  And today?  Yeah, initially I wasn’t going to write a sanctimonious 9-11 post at all.  Because, for pity’s sake, how long do we live in the shadow of hate and dread?  When did America become so crippled as to  choose nothing besides venerating victims (mind you, those innocent dead deserve sympathy and their families support) instead of remembering WHY they died and preventing more of the same by conscious choice of WHO to be as a nation?

It seems to me that America became much of what we hated in those who attacked us after that day, we gave the haters a sort of victory in so doing.  We warped our nation out of shape and purpose in fear.  In FEAR.  Those bastards wanted us to stop being America, and hey, we did in oh so many ways.  We became something else, and I am more afraid of my own government, and our own police, than I am of Al Queda OR ISIL.  And I HATE that so much that you will just HAVE to excuse me not writing up any syrupy tributes to what damned day it is.



3 thoughts on “Yes, Thank You, I Know What Day It Is

  1. no kidding. The rightwing has been seeing diminishing returns on their pants-wetting fear-mongering,and are gleeful at the annual remembrance of the most significant attack on America due to the negligence and stupidity of a Presidential Administration more focused on figuring out how to reduce tax rates for the rich….

  2. Sixbears says:

    I thank you too. I feel much like you do on this. Plus, as a disabled firefighter I have difficutly with this day. Mainly though, as an American I miss my country.

  3. Thank you. I had been considering doing my own little write-up of the stupidity of this apparent “holiday” where we celebrate the “Great American Values” of xenophobia, paranoia, and the War Machine… and I still might, if I get around to it. For now, though, you’ve done a fine job of capturing much of my sentiment on the subject.

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