Fight Ammosexuality, Please


09/08/2014 by syrbal-labrys

Ammo_EditHonestly, I am going to buy a large axe (labrys, get it??) and paint “2nd Amendment Unnecessary” upon the axe handle.  I’m going to carry it everywhere with me.  Because…well, fucking because!

Honestly, people…how many people have to fucking die because a bunch of maladjusted rage-filled assholes* keep getting painted as patriotic for insisting on their right to kill anyone who pisses them off?

*Ahem…sorry, my bad.  I should likely write WHITE assholes; cause we know a black guy just picking UP a gun is cause for suicide by cop.

2 thoughts on “Fight Ammosexuality, Please

  1. eldri says:

    Nah, because you might be busted for ‘weapons charges’ for that,( and pocket knives, and stuff)—and sheaths make them ‘concealed weapons’ and the cops want to take them away, and if they Aren’t sheathed, then you might get shot— for ‘frightening a cop’ or what ever they call it’

    I had a friend (white hippie type) who, (40 years ago) bought an axe at the hardware store—he could not ride on the bus, (driver would not let him on). Three Different cops stopped him on the walk home—telling him alternately to ‘take the bag off the head’, ‘put that thing in a bag’, ‘stop concealing that weapon’–He had the receipt, was polite, “got off with a warning” each time–Nowadays I wonder if he would be so ‘lucky’–
    Especially if he was non-white

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