Tap-Dancing on the Head of a Pin

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09/05/2014 by syrbal-labrys

bible…not angels, after all, but pinheads, if you ask me.  Americans who survived ebola are crediting God with saving them.  I call that being an ingrate.  Also asinine.  And several other words beginning with letters “a” and “s”.  Also, if “God” saw fit to save them, what the hell was “He” doing when about 2000 other folks DIED of ebola?  Playing cards, rolling dice, ice skating in Hell?

Mind you, I am not an atheist…I’m an agnostic polydeist.  But religious ideation often gives me mental spasms and cramps that Bengay just doesn’t reach!  Like the religiously motivated assholes in Texas insisting women can’t get abortions because it is not safe enough unless every clinic has hospital standards and the docs have hospital admitting privileges AT hospitals.

But it is perfectly ok to perform surgery under oft-times dangerous general anesthesia at a clinic instead of a hospital for other things that are much more likely to kill you.  Like an 81 year old woman having throat surgery.  Joan Rivers died after a “clinic” did surgery under anesthesia, even though she was transported to a hospital.  Apparently, it doesn’t matter how safe you are unless you are a fetus-killing slut?

But religious inconsistencies are so rife…I just want to say, if you are going to credit any deity with saving your life?  Do me a favor, ok?  Forego medical treatment altogether, then we won’t have any doubt whatsoever if you survive, alright?  Nor if you don’t.


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