Higher Education?

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09/04/2014 by syrbal-labrys

photoI remember the 50’s, ok?  I was a child of the 50’s.  Women went to college to meet men who were educated.  When I graduated high school in 1971, my father was not worried that my grandmother-created college fund had been eroded almost away by having me pay for family financial crisis issues.  After all, as he put it, I only needed a year or two and I would be married.

Never mind that I had no desire to marry (some days, 37+ years into marriage, I still feel that way) and I wanted college to make a life for myself.  I didn’t  get much of it with my mere $2000 left…but one thing I didn’t worry about much on the small campus of a small Kansas town?

I didn’t worry about rape.  It never entered my mind.  Apparently, it never entered the mind of administrators of the University of Kansas, either.  Not because it doesn’t happen — but because they seem to consider it just part and parcel of a woman’s educational “process”.  So, when a man admits the woman said “No” and “Stop” and yet he didn’t; why does the college consider it “too punitive” to give the dick even community service?  Why is the victim threatened with arrest for underage drinking at the fraternity party; but the rapist got NO serious consequences?

Any woman reader can tell you, this IS the approach to rape.  If a woman has had a drink…or many drinks, either way, she is just a party girl with no rights to decide who uses her vagina like a public utility.  If a woman has ever said “Yes” to any man, there are certain segments of the male population who take the view it therefore must mean yes to EVERY man at any time.  So, while it is no shock to women that a patriarchal society worries more about the male perpetrator than the female victim, it pisses us off mightily.

And guys?  Just a note, ok?  Eventually we WILL get mad in sufficient numbers all at once to fuck your shitty patriarchal ways UP.  Since you have always dismissed rape victims as “whiny little bitches who wanted it”?  We will see who is the whiny little bitch THEN.


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