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09/03/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1 coffee  to liqorMay the violence they do come home to be their own fates.  Yes, Islamic State is murdering hostages again…because, yes, the world doesn’t already think they are asshats enough.

My sympathies to the family of the murdered journalist.  To those murdering bastards?  Well…may it rain death upon you.

Steven Sotloff’s legacy will live on longer than his murderers will.

(edit) I note a trend in other bloggers to say we should NOT kill these murderers because martyrdom is what they want.  Well, how humane.  How nice.  Thing is?  If we don’t kill them?  THEY go on killing people who are innocents in a horrid situation.  So, how do we stop THAT?

Like the madmen who took over the French Revolution and sent everyone they could grab to the guillotine — and who ended being sent themselves?  I think their own rabid fundamentalism should devour them.  But somehow, I doubt that will be fast enough to save the hundreds they are murdering.  So yeah, carpet bombing still strikes me as a good idea.


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