Yeah, Go On, Freak Out Now

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09/01/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1keep calmI love how human denial works, don’t you?  Yeah, me neither!

I admit, a wee bit of schadenfreud was my first reaction to this story — it only seems fair that states full of climate change denying morons should feel the kick-in-the-ass it is going to be.  I do feel sorry for some of the people IN Louisiana…until I remember, they vote the yahoos into office.

And sure, the earth ALWAYS just cracks open — it’s nada,  amigos!

This still depresses the hell out of me.  And yes, we can and SHOULD do better.

And I don’t know how I feel about this tale of woe.  On the one hand, if the little boy is going to die of a brain tumor anyhow, is it wrong that his parents do not want him to do it in a hospital?  The story really doesn’t give enough details for me to feel more than a sense of misery.  And this story which says the boy was hospitalized for “rehabilitation” really confuses me; a brain tumor gets rehabilitated?

And good gods and goblins; hide the books, because can “Farenheit 451” be far behind this kind of shit?  I am more and more disturbed that people act like watching a television show is somehow participatory.




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