When People Are Petty Asshats


08/26/2014 by syrbal-labrys

photoNow, full disclosure — I don’t fly anymore.  The skies are unfriendly enough, thank you.  So when someone cannot recognize that everyone on an airplane likely HAS to be there for some good reason and all the passengers are in it together?  I think there should be consequences.

So, if passenger A decides to use an illegal device to control passenger B’s ability to recline their seat?  And then there is an argument about that causing the diversion and landing of said expensive-to-put-in-the-air airplane?  No, don’t arrest Asshat passenger A.  BILL Asshat passenger A for the cost of the diversion!

And THAT will put an end to people behaving badly on jet planes.  If civility and manners are apparently dead, then mere financial consequences must suffice.


4 thoughts on “When People Are Petty Asshats

  1. If civility and manners are apparently dead, then mere financial consequences must suffice.

    How about a airline that gave enough room to all of the occupants on the plane? It seems like if I could arrange to have a low stress, low discomfort flight, I would choose that airline over the sardine experience currently being offered.

    • Well, yes, that would be best, of course. But you and I both know that isn’t going to happen. Only diff between 21st century airlines and Grey Hound is that the buses don’t fly…and they let you off to stretch your legs more often.

      • Agreed. It would be nice of free market fundamentalists to key in on this phenomena – the focus is not the customer, but rather the bottom line.

      • I think the focus has always been on the bottom line. I think what has changed is the expectations of the customer — everyone has been “trained” to expect and ACCEPT less and less.

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