Songs I Wanted To Forget

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08/26/2014 by syrbal-labrys

…like the one Peter Gabriel wrote and Joan sang so beautifully.

We like such songs when it is about somewhere else, someone else….but is it really just somewhere else?

When a man is beaten for asking if there is a warrant, because he is black?

When another man is deemed capable of shooting himself in the chest with his hands CUFFED behind him, in the back of a police car?

And Michael Brown, dead – shot six times by a white policeman and now buried?  All of these young men, what they have in common and what reminded me of the song for Steven Biko?  “When the outside world is black and white with only one color dead”?

When, America?  When is it not just happening to others?  When do we get honest about what is done right HERE every day in some city, some town, some street?  I am white and never had to tell my sons how to kowtow to the cops to stay alive and unbeaten.  No American mother of any color SHOULD have to give that talk….

And America?  You may not believe it, but the eyes of the world ARE watching you.



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