Wondering….As Others Wander, Jettisoned

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08/25/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1benefitsMy email had a casualty notice this morning.  A young man dead in Afghanistan due to a “non-combat incident”…that could be anything from a fight, or a vehicular accident, or a fall, or a suicide.  The war is winding down, but men are still dying of numerous causes.

Last night, my veteran son came in the house depressed and angry: his best friend, an Air Force member with almost 18 years in service, is being forced out of the Air Force.  As is his wife, with just under 15 years.  Yes, the war is winding down — and the men and women who fought it are being discarded to save money.  The ranks of the unemployed are going to swell with military members denied re-enlistment to keep the government from needing to pay retirement pay.

Less than a month ago, a young Navy submariner was denied re-enlistment; he and his young wife are still job hunting fruitlessly (as are both my disabled veteran sons).  This coming weekend they are coming down to visit and run my garage sale — they get to take all the money home with them.  I am kind of broke with recent house repairs and renovations, it is all the help I can offer them.

And at Ft. Lee?  An Army woman, a senior NCO with 14 years in service, attempted to shoot shot herself to death.  And the military is all “Oh, me oh my, what COULD be the cause of such a thing?”  For a woman who had been to Iraq?  Gee let me count the possible causes — ptsd, fear of being jobless, depression and worse over possibly having been a rape victim.  I could list reasons all day long.

But hey, the war is ending.  The military, all branches, are unloading men and women who just wanted to finish a career after risking all by BEING military in time of war.  This is a side effect of civilian control of military matters, I suppose.  Politicians have no issue with jobs, one crummy two year stint as a Congress critter gets you benefits for life.  But military?  Hey, they can toss you on your ear after breaking you up in all KINDS of ways.

Bitter, me?  Hell, no.  After all, I know there is no honor among that particular batch of thieves. I’m way past bitter.


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