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08/20/2014 by syrbal-labrys


I really hope Obama isn’t just talking tough this time.  I really hope that he lets the military unload any slightly aging ordinance it wants to get rid of on the ISIL/ISIS asshats in Iraq and Syria.  They are murderous savages and the world could definitely do without their brand of bloody crazy.

I expect someone might show up to tell me that the ISIS assholes are a bunch of Zionist plotters.  But then, I will ignore said conspiracy theorist again.  But, I will admit, I feel emotional.  Anyone claiming to be oh-so-righteous in ANY religion who beheads a person, a journalist, by sawing the head off with a fucking knife?  Yeah….I hope the world falls on you from B-52 bellies, ok?  They are a nail, we need to bring the hammer.


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