Friday Free-For-All — Photographing Police Edition

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08/15/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1cops picuresNo, the police have no “expectation of privacy” if they are in a public place.  So YES, you have every right to take pictures of whatever they are doing there.  The idea that the cops might not LIKE being photographed while being brutal asshats does not trump your freedom to document their misdeeds.

Of course, I am white in a largely white country full of red-minded voters.  There are very few police in my immediate area and I avoid the city because since the WTO debacle in Seattle some years back, even the blue half of the state has had cops acting like asshats.  I’d get in trouble way too easily and I look like shit in orange.

But I DO know how to operate the camera on my smart phone.


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