Damn It. Lots of Damn Its.

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08/13/2014 by syrbal-labrys

photoThe post previously posted here was deleted because the links didn’t work.  And when I typographically chastised WordPress — it posted to my OTHER blog instead of this one.  What fresh fuckitude is this?  I’m having one of those days anyhow, why not extend it to my computer life as well, right?

Anyway, we can’t piss off “sportsmen” to save an animal, can we?  So, yes, in this case I do hope this lawsuit against the Obama Administration goes against the administration!

And ISIL? (No, I won’t call them by the name of a lovely Egyptian goddess, thanks.) THOSE assholes who want to do Mohammad’s great “convert or die” run across the Mideast and Northern Africa (and beyond?) all over again?  Yeah, they need to be pounded out of existence, because otherwise? (And GO Kurds!)  A lot of people will die for their beliefs — how’s that fucking Pascal’s Wager working now?

And lets ‘have and have not‘ fuck California? Terr-fucking-ific.  Not.  What kind of fucking loon thought this shit up?  And why does ANYone waste precious legislative time on this shit?

Detroit dwellers are still thirsty — thanks to another kind of have/have not thinking.  Go fuck up the ‘haves’ who are screwing the have nots, ok?  In spite of flooding there, I’m sure some folks had buckets out to catch water for DRINKING.

And you ASSHOLES tormenting the daughter of Robin Williams?  Die in a fucking fire, ok?

I’d like to be more sympathetic about this.  But honestly, folks who can spend thousands or tens of thousands of bucks to climb a mountain in the time of global warming?  And die doing it?  That is definitely first world problem shit; I feel more sorry for the Sherpas in Asia who died helping them because it is a necessary source of income to help idiots with more time and money on their hands than is healthy.

And then…one more story (after a summer of men leaving toddlers to die in cars) where you wish folks had to be licensed to have kids.  Cause WTunholyF?


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