I’m a Bad Democrat – And So Be It


08/08/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1if we voteI have some bitches with ‘my’ Party.  Not as many, mind you, as with the other party….but still, I wonder if other Democrats get as pissed off as I do.  I mean, sure I will vote and against the un-compassionate fucking conservatives.

But I have some bitches, all the same.  First off?  If you don’t live in my state and you are running for an office?  Do NOT ask me to fund you.  Yes, I have a huge issue with this fund-raising tactic of asking people all round the nation to enrich just any Democrat’s war chest.

Last election cycle, Washington State was trying to get some labeling that helped people know if they were eating GMO foods.  The measure failed.  One reason the measure failed was that big food corporations poured SO much money into the state in ‘anti’ ads.  They INTERFERED with the business of Washington State voters, so far as I am concerned and it pissed me right off.  So why, oh why, would I want to participate and INTERFERE in helping someone in New York get elected?  He or she is NOT my Senator or Representative, I do NOT know what the needs in that state are or are not.  And NO, I will not fucking jump aboard just in the name of whipping Republicans.  

Part of what is wrong with the system right now is that everyone feels the most money wins.  And throwing money instead of making sure the person elected is going to do the job the constituents need and want is NOT a solution.  So, it pains me to say it, but I simply delete every email from the Democratic fund raising machine.  I don’t feel being a progressive voter is served by interfering in the business of voters in other states, and if I don’t like them interfering with their money in my state I’d be a hypocrite to behave otherwise.

So, what the Dems get is my vote.  The GOPs get my scorn, snark, and opposition.  If we are told to eat local, what the fuck is wrong with the idea of politics being local unless you are talking about the Presidency.  It is NOT my job or your job to get a Democrat elected in New York unless you fucking LIVE in New York.  And it is not someone else’s job to get one elected here — if the candidate running cannot convince people to vote, hey, throwing money just pollutes the process more, not less.


4 thoughts on “I’m a Bad Democrat – And So Be It

  1. E.A. Blair says:

    I agree with you down to the last comma.

    Hardly a day goes by when I don’t get an email asking me to contribute to the campaign funds for Al Franken, Elizabeth Warren, Alan Grayson or some other politician nowhere near where I live. I also get almost daily solicitations for “$3.00 to support so-and-so (always a D)” or “$5.00 to stop so-and so (always an R)”. Sorry folks, but 105% of my income goes to keeping fed and housed and on the internet. I’m also trying to save enough money to move out of a state that’s been ruined by outside money pouring in from the Koch brothers to support their Kochsucking sycophants in our state legislatures and the governor’s mansion.

    Personally, I think it should be illegal to contribute to any political campaign if you do not reside within a candidate’s constituency. Not in Minnesota? Sorry, Senator Franken can’t use your cash. Not in the 4th district? Then you can’t contribute to Gwen Moore’s campaign.

    I also disagree with the SCOTUS RATS*. Corporations are not people, they cannot vote and they do not have the right of free speech. A corporation is a charter issued by the government, a license to do business, which gives the government an inherent interest in and right to regulate their activities. In addition to the provision I already mentioned, that campaign contributions are limited to a candidate’s constituency, I would also like to see a law limiting contributions to people who are eligible to vote in that constituency. I’m not saying that a contributor would have to be registered to vote**, though that would also be nice, but at least be eligible. Under 18? Your cash is no good. Not a resident? Put your checkbook away.

    *The RATS in SCOTUS are:

    **I am not a legal expert, but I think a convincing argument could be made that someone who is either not eligible to vote or not registered to vote does not have a compelling interest in the electoral process and is not being denied first amendment rights by not being able to contribute.

    • E.A. Blair says:

      Update: Of the four politicians I mentioned, Al Franken has a campaign fund totaling $32,852,600. Senator Warren has even more: $42,506,349. Representative Grayson has $4,676,186 and Representative Moore has $823,446 (a mere pittance by comparison).

      • It horrifies me that it costs so much to run for public office. I understand that it’s a cutthroat game, but that it’s so ruled by money makes me lose all hope for our democratic republic.

    • Hey man, singing to the choir here!

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