“Unclear”? Really?


08/06/2014 by syrbal-labrys

I QuitEbola continues its “Masque of Red Death”-race apace in Africa.  America, having announced “It can’t happen here” goes it’s merry way to find a way to save two Americans infected with the viral scourge.  And they resorted to a modernized old-school cure: serum. This quote from the news story made the needle on my bullshit ‘oh really?’ meter peg and vibrate: “Why the two Americans were chosen for this treatment, while many others are sick with Ebola in Africa, was unclear.”

Really, NBC?  You have no clue why two Americans are getting something likely to save their lives, while Africans are not?  Really?


2 thoughts on ““Unclear”? Really?

  1. montag says:

    Your feelings are understandable. Consider however that these two were the first human trials of this particular serum. Had it failed and we were using African patients, we would probably have been accused of using third world peoples as guinea pigs. As it is, it will be an uphill battle to create enough to effectively treat the current outbreak. Big Pharma won’t touch something like this with no foreseeable profit and who else has the facilities for large scale production?

    • True, Big Pharma doesn’t do anything that doesn’t fill their pockets. That is what pisses me off, of course. Specially since certain big pharmaceuticals are infamous for using Africa for a test lab — least they could do is pay THAT debt by testing serum against ebola NOW.

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