Is It The “Wal” Syllable That Does It?

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08/04/2014 by syrbal-labrys

Everyone knows Walmart is made of ass.  Right?  Don’t be fooled by organic veggies, ok?   They treat the employees like crap.  They make tons of money making the government shell out to keep their employees alive and working like serfs.

1 boycott.

But WalGREENS — now WTF? Shit like THIS makes me want to put Swiss Army Knives in the chair cushions to greet their greedy buttcheeks.  In lieu of that, I urge you all to sign a petition telling the greedy fucks to stop behaving like asshats.

Frankly?  Any company that moves headquarters abroad?  They should pay a TARIFF to operate business here, if they want to be that way about it.

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