I’m Not Cynical Yet If….


07/30/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1a kiss…I still get pissed off about it, right?  Even while working, I’ve been taking a bit of time to scan the news.  I don’t know what to be most apparently “cynical” about, because my choices are so rich.

But if one still cares enough to want to stick guilty heads in toilets for swirlies, it isn’t true cynicism yet, right?

Like the fact that no big pharmaceutical company is really working on a vaccine for Ebola, for instance.  They call it “no market” and in English the rest of us NOT belonging to corporate thuggeries run by greed, we call that “Nobody with money to PAY dying yet.”  Well, let me tell you what — while the rest of the world fiddles yawns behind bored hands as long as poor black Africans are dying, someone somewhere is getting on an airplane to go through a major hub while developing the illness. Then the bloodsucking Big Pharma types will be racing for a fucking cure, won’t they? And then there is THIS fucker….shooting off his mouth.

Kind of like how nobody in politics much gave a shit about AIDS as long as the perception was that it was only killing “those queers”, eh?  We have a pretty shitty learning curve here in corporations-are-greedy-fucks-people-ville.


4 thoughts on “I’m Not Cynical Yet If….

  1. Sixbears says:

    Ebola tends to burn itself out because it kills too quickly to spread all that far. All that means is that it’s just a mutation away from a slightly slower burn rate. That would allow it to spread, and it’d be too late to do much about it.

    There’s some thought that the “Black Death” of the Middle Ages may have been a type of ebola, at least for one of the plagues. Isn’t that a warm and fuzzy thought.

    • People need to realize the diseases, like everything else, evolve. Right now, ebola kills up to 96% of its victims. But that does burn it out quickly; but I noticed this last plague is taking a little longer. So yes, we might want to consider the handwriting on the fucking wall in blood.

  2. Boneweaver (aka pjvj) says:

    Just need a white to get sick to kick it into high gear.

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