Water, Water Woes, Everywhere

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07/17/2014 by syrbal-labrys

us_map_expandedMy apologies to the ancient mariner.  Every summer I worry more about water.  Perhaps the heat reminds me of the vital need, perhaps our own enduring well issues exacerbated by a neighbor who lies to us and stonewalls about every needed improvement and repair to our community well.  But then, water has been on my mind for a while.

Detroit, that premier symbol of American decay, plans to privatize the once public utility.  Water, a human necessity, is going to stop being a human right in an American city.  They have already turned off thousands of households, some of the families moved into homes whose previous tenants owed the water company — but they are not allowed water anyway unless they pay someone else’s debt.  How is that fair or right?  But no, capitalism must march on (or not?)– you pay or thirst.  In America the free, where the 2nd Amendment promises you freedom to guns — but not to water to drink?

And in dry California, where farmland is going unwatered, Nestle has a bottling plant on an Indian reservation — and it bottles up water that it does not pay for, and sells it at huge profits.  This has long been the reason I do not buy water in bottles, because the companies bottling it go round the world and take water for free, boasting of “creating jobs” at their plants.  While you pay double…or triple for produce.  And California blows in the wind.  And animals, fish, and people thirst.

They will, like my neighbor who either (a) wants to save some bucks on well repairs, or (b) is in denial that our well may be failing; keep lying about water to us Americans.  Only the stressed and poor will suffer at first and the Right will tell us it is their own fault; ever blaming the victims of their own greed.  But hey, if you aren’t asking how this is happening?  Don’t come ask me when it happens to you!


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