Putin Must Be So Proud


07/17/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1dont judgeThe pro-Russian Ukrainian separatists have been shooting down anything in the sky all week, ever since they seized a Ukrainian Airbase that had anti-aircraft missiles.  So, imagine what a nice, big, comparatively slow target a Boeing 777 must have made for them.  That link takes you to some very not-that-pretty-at-all pictures of what a commercial jet looks like after a missile strike.

Almost 300 dead.  Congratulations on the Asshole of the Week award, this even maxed out  Israel’s kill ratio for the week!  And one of the bastards had the nerve to BOAST about it, before he realized it made him look like an asshole.


2 thoughts on “Putin Must Be So Proud

  1. karen says:

    Oh god. There are so many assholes. I feel so helpless and so angry…

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