Another Day, Another Atrocity

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07/17/2014 by syrbal-labrys

AE51F679-origTo think that my heart once swelled, reading “Exodus”.  To think, I taught my children to celebrate Hanukkah so they wouldn’t grow up to be anti-Semitic little fucks.  To think, I circumcised my sons in solidarity with the millions murdered in the Holocaust.  I am ashamed now, of Israel….they have become everything they once hated and endured themselves.

They pushed the Palestinians onto the narrow strip of Gaza, they made refugees in numbers that make the thousands of brown children currently causing a right wing panic on America’s southern borders look like a drop in a bucket.  But that is not sufficient, now they must shell children playing soccer on a beach?  And a politician has called for the MOTHERS of Palestinians to be killed, echoing an American Indian-killer, who remarked “Nits make lice,” as justification of child murdering.

Yes, shame for all.  In the 21st century, with shortages of water and food and mercy, there is no shortage of savagery or shame.  The maddest of the mad seem to be ruling everywhere.  No, I do not, in fact, want to be a hammer instead of a nail.  A hammer can do things to be ashamed of, a nail never.

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