Melancholy — Not Just For Mondays Any More


07/15/2014 by syrbal-labrys

wethepeople_editI’ve had this link sitting in my mailbox for about three days.  I kept looking at the title and going “Oh, hey, no –not today.”  But today?  Well, while the stain dries on my most recent refinish project and I haven’t started laundry, while forcing myself to eat even tho’ it took a gob of sour cream roughly the weight of Rhode Island to force down a mushroom omelette,  I thought, “Fuck it, why  not?”

Man, I thought I was depressed before.  Though why that must-read story slugged me in the gut so badly, I cannnot say; I’ve said very similar things myself for some time now.  Perhaps it is the concise ‘all in one handbasket to hell package’ nature of it that makes it painful reading.  But so many Americans NEED to read it, so they can begin to wrap their minds around what is happening to their little insular world.

If I had anything to add?  I would say the “triple threat” of “a crisis of foreign policy, a crisis of economics and a crisis of democracy,”   should have added to it a crisis of religion.  Yes, perhaps I say that, because as a philosophy professor of mine once said, that particular “hook” is well-set in my flesh.  But I don’t think so; I’m at comparative peace with my own spiritual perambulations.  But it seems Americans are so affianced to the ‘one cause’ ideations that they hang EVERYthing else upon the religious hook too often.

1church and state.

So, we see the political dog being wagged by a religious tail — and people cannot seem to grasp why there is NO comfort in that particular little stall of messy confession of faith by the SCOTUS that the Hobby Lobby-ists are celebrating.  It is much more truly “Bad Medicine” than the Amerindians meant when speaking of their own metaphysical concerns!  Also, if America is really going to wed the whole “eye for an eye” sort of religious ideation?  You might consider the places that can go – makes that handbasket to hell look appealing, eh?

Anyhow…I must back to work putting things in order and clean newness in my private family life now.  If there is nothing in my culture that responds to my efforts, I must narrow my focus here where I AM effective.

1 coffee  to liqorWhile my country sinks into a green festering un-maintained pool of neo-medieval “values” foisted upon them by a class of super rich assholes who need plenty of serfs to keep them safe from realities like climate change and over-population.  Pass me the GOOD Scotch, ok?


2 thoughts on “Melancholy — Not Just For Mondays Any More

  1. Jennifer says:

    well that was a depressing link. *sighs* I had the thought while reading it that we used to use our might to protect others from the bad guys…then we became the bad guy. It’s ugly, rough, and not altogether accurate, but it’s the thought that occurred.

    • No, in some ways, we have become the bad guys. That has been sliding along for some time abroad, but that we now treat our own citizens like the enemy is a new step down a bad path.

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