My Enthusiasm Is Curbed

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07/14/2014 by syrbal-labrys

I wonder how it would feel to wake up raring to go, eager to jump out of bed and face the day?  Duty calls, and I am going to empty the bathtub into watering pitchers for potted plants…but, yes, only Monday and my enthusiasm IS curbed.

Can’t believe that asshole Boehner is claiming Obama is not “taking responsibility”.  Sheesh…as if those ASSHOLES have not been sitting on their hands shooting off their mouths for the last five years.  So again, Yellowdog Granny finds me graphic ammunition…

But my real go-to hero on the topic of children in need of asylum?  That would be at the Stonekettle Temple Station Where I can count on Jim Wright to call a spade a fucked up shovel, as usual.



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