What Words Suffice? (Updated)

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07/10/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1hand gunsAgain.  Again!  A family, including young children, is dead.  They were shot execution style, one after the other, and only one is still alive. Because some man was pissed off that some woman didn’t treat him as he thought he deserved.  So, since he apparently couldn’t find the woman he was unhappy with, he killed her relatives.

Update: He crossed state lines to kill relatives of his ex-wife!  She had filed a protection order against him, and left the state they lived in to escape him.  So, tell me again that men are not a threat to women and children?

So, tell me again it is just nutjobs.  Tell me it has nothing to do with a society that tells men that women should be subservient little dolls and not people.  Tell me again that dead children don’t trump the fucking 2nd Amendment.  Tell the fifteen year old girl, shot in the head, that her dead family doesn’t deserve more than to be shot for some guy’s pissed offness — because he fucking CAN because his 2nd Amendment means SO much more than their right to life and a pursuit of happiness.

Yeah, tell me.  But you better not do it to my face.  Because I just might deck your sorry, soulless ass.  And I might be a 60 year old broad, but you’ll still know you’ve been knocked on your ass by an old woman.

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