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07/10/2014 by syrbal-labrys

…this one, perhaps,covered in cover up? A hero soldier dies and his family is told it was “drug intoxication”…when he had never had any history of substance abuse? Is this the latest tack to deny survivors death benefits?

But then we know America really doesn’t give a shit about the military, don’t we?  Nor about veterans, specially pregnant ones.  Yes, why is it always Fucking Texas?

And what is it, a new form of infanticide? To “forget” your child in the car while at work? The first case this month that I saw has only gotten uglier, as it is found that dad was “sexting” multiple females while his toddler died in the parked car; and in addition? He had been visiting websites on “surviving prison” and “childless living” and a video of an animal in a hot car. (Ok, when I stop shuddering over that revelation, I’ll let you know.)

And America has a new religion? What? Worshiping Mammon wasn’t sufficient?

1antigayAnd someone just TRY to tell me that homophobic Utah isn’t emboldened by the “religious freedom” granted to Hobby Lobby, ok? Cause yeah, striking while the iron is hot, much?

And while we are on the topic of love and gender…what do you do when as a parent you don’t know whether to buy blue or pink?  The controversy is rising about intersex children — those born with “unclear” determination of genitals.  What seems unfortunate to me, as a parent?  First, why can’t be some time to see how the child itself acts, and second?  If they are hellbent on doing surgery on a tiny baby, then go with the damned highest hormones at least instead of the likely cheaper surgery of making most of them into girls.  And parents are being LIED to in order to force the rapid decision upon them.  I think operating on wee babies LEADS to issues, sloppiness that causes problems down the road.  (Yes, I know what micro-surgery is, but I have to wonder if the botching-bastards doing these operations do!)

And finally?  I think we need to look at what the fuck we are doing to our planet.  If frogs began having mixed genitalia and we took no notice, when ARE we going to pay attention?  When EVERY baby born is what used to be called hermaphroditic?


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